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 rims powder coating   Download info sheet



Small parts powder coating

Demonstration possible !

-20% discount price as Electron SET

Powder gun + spray wall + burn-in furnace



Powder gun

Unbeatable price/performance, leasing possible !


Detailed prices and drawings on request




powder pistol

Powder suction wall

Powder cabin with 5 filters and lighting




Some variations of powder extraction


Mobile with 5 filters, triggering manually, pneumatic cleaning


With large filter unit


3 filter cartridges




Buy Professional Powder Gun

Action package: Control Master +

Corona Ring +

Quick cleaning module

Key components exclusively (!) from Switzerland, Germany and Japan

buy powder gun

5 Standard features

  1. Efficient and precise

  2. Automatic control of charging voltage

  3. User-friendly control

  4. Quick cleaning

  5. Fair prices for consumables

  • Electron is a global brand, worldwide demo for free !

  • 2 or 5 year warranty

  • Spare parts for powder coating equipment from stock D and CH

  • Fast service, uncomplicated solution, if necessary Replacement


  • Powder gun C1 with remote control
  • Control unit Master, Digital, simplest operation
  • All hoses, cables

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Videos from practice

video test experience powder pistol electron 720p HD (please set)

Flat parts powder coating

Excellent electrostatics - powder quantity is saved

Complicated parts powder coating

Quick adjustment via remote control




The new powder coating devices

9 Models + Lab Set + Automatic



Control units Basic, Master, Pro


Basic B


Powder gun C1 with remote control





Equipment trolley


Master M


Basic H